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Inro Litter Collection
Chip Box and Bag
Crushed Can Inro
The Bin Bag

Inro- Litter

September 2016- October 2017

For the third collection of Inro I wanted to continue using my observations of the city to further explore the novelty shaped boxes. 

While walking through the city to find textures for my work I began to notice litter everywhere and sometimes in the most peculiar scenes. Such as a polystyrene chipbox perfectly placed on a brick filling up with rain water with the plastic fork still sticking out from a chip. Or a pigeon eating a pristine sandwich straight out of its wedged packaging in a doorway. 


We walk by sites like this every day and just pretend like if we don't see it, it isn't a problem. But I took this opportunity to make people see. At first it isn't obvious what you are looking at but as the shapes start to become clearer you can't help but begin to think why is there a crushed coke can in this display case?    

Clear Resin, Inro Cord

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