About Me

My background consists of a combination of hand crafted and digital design and while I feel I thrive on utilising a wide range of materials and new techniques, I have always used jewellery as my main medium. In my opinion, contemporary jewellery isn’t defined by the use of a single material or technique. The most important qualities in a piece of jewellery are the stories they tell and how it can be seen as an expression of the wearer.

During my MA, I began to focus on using 3D printing as my primary method for crafting. This way I could continue using the variety of materials I enjoy working with, with the possibility of more complex designs.

Currently I am working as a visualiser using 'VRay'; to render architectural scenes. While in my personal work I continue to design jewellery. In contrast to the more conceptual work from university, I am now aiming for more practical pieces, that can be worn on a daily basis.

With each new piece of my work, I try and include details and flourishes that encourage the wearer to look closer. I look for them to not simply wear my designs, but get to know the individual personality of each one.