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Inro- Boxes

September 2016- October 2017

My MA Jewellery project was inspired by Inro, boxes worn suspended from the belt. Inro were used to carry useful  every day items such as herbs and seals.


My goal was to design a range of inro that could be worn with contemporary clothing and carry the kind of items typically carried now. For example bank cards, house keys, pen drives etc. 


One of the most important factors to me in the development of the work was the exterior decoration. Traditional inro were typically lacquered with exquisitely detailed pictures of daily life in Japan. So with my collection I wanted the decoration to reflect where I come from, Manchester. Instead of looking to the conventional imagery like a skyline of the most typical buildings in the city. I wanted to show the details of the city that you would only notice and appreciate when walking through the streets every day. I took photos of uneven paving and cracked walls and used them to create textures to cover the boxes. When 3D printed in clear resin you can only truly see the pattern when the light hits it just right.

Clear Resin, Inro Cord

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